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Business philosophy

Business philosophy


Considering justice and profit, value-added sharing

Take "Industry to prosper the nation and industry to serve the country" as the corporate mission, and to assume the social responsibility of a corporate citizen;
Pursue the commercial value of the enterprise based on customer value;
Take the investment projects and member companies of the industry as the carrier, assume the responsibility of industrial development, and promote industrial upgrading and progress;
Committed to integrating resources, realizing the combination and superposition of complementary values, resulting in a systemic effect that the whole is greater than the partial combination;
Respect the rights and interests of all parties involved in the cooperation, enlarge the "cake" through value-added services, and pursue a win-win, multi-win pattern and long-term and stable cooperation;
Choose subdivision areas, discover potential value, build structural advantages, and realize two-wheel drive
Focus on the industries where the differentiated value is broken in the big industry;
Discover and release potential, undiscovered or underestimated commercial value in advance;
Seek a structural competitive advantage combining multiple business resources and elements, and multiple business links in the target industry;
For the purpose of physical operation, supported by capital operation, drive the rapid growth of the group

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