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Business background

Business background

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      Feishang Group is an investment holding group focusing on industrial management. It was established in 2000 in Shenzhen, the source of reform and opening up. Feishang is committed to becoming a respectable leader and integrator in the sub-industry field. After ten years of intensive cultivation, it has gradually established pillar industries such as non-ferrous metals, steel, transportation and logistics, coal and mining, as well as ecological forestry that has just started. , Industrial bases spread all over the country and extend to foreign countries.

   Feishang Group directly or indirectly controls and participates in 5 listed companies at home and abroad. The total assets of the controlled enterprises are more than 40 billion yuan. The accumulated tax paid to the state and local governments exceeds 10 billion yuan, forming an annual sales income of nearly 50 billion yuan. An industry scale with more than 30,000 employees. Feishang Group plans to transform and upgrade to more than 10 listed companies at home and abroad by the end of the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, with an annual net profit of more than 5 billion and a total market value of more than 100 billion, and provide value for entrepreneurial partners, company employees and shareholders A value-added and win-win platform that creates opportunities. Become a large investment holding group with leading domestic competitiveness and international reputation.


  Jiangxi Feishang Forest Products Co., Ltd. is a holding company of Feishang Group. The company has a registered capital of 130 million. The subsidiary Feishang Forest Products Taihe County Branch Company, Feishang Forest Products Anfu County Branch Company, Feishang Forest Products Anyi The county subsidiary, Feishang Forestry Poyang County Sub-company, Feishang Forestry Jiujiang Subsidiary. Form a modern joint-stock enterprise integrating rosin production, sales, research and development, and deep processing products of rosin resin and turpentine.

  Jiangxi Feishang Forest Products adheres to the Feishang Group's philosophy of “integrity, responsibility, transcendence, value-added, and win-win & rdquo; Adhere to the core concept of human resources of “performance-oriented and common development”, to provide various talents with a broad development platform and sustainable and healthy growth opportunities.


   Company mission: To be a respectable renewable resource planting operator and a supplier of high-end green deep-processing products, so that the world can enjoy the environmentally friendly, safe and green products we offer.

  Corporate mission: Through close cooperation with strategic partners, we are committed to the integration and development of renewable forest resources and green high-end deep-processing products, and quickly complete the nationwide industrial chain layout, centering on the green resource strategy, using sauce and industry two wheels Driven, the company has become the leading enterprise in the regional market and the top three in the domestic sub-industry.

  Fei Shang Forestry has a stable, mature, high-quality, and capable management team. The management team of Feishang Forest Products brings together elites from all parties. With advanced strategic vision, accurate grasp of the future, and extraordinary business courage, it has strategized in the fierce market competition and achieved continuous success. The core competitiveness of Feishang Forest Products is the ability of the management team to constantly surpass themselves, seek innovation, and create new value with the highest efficiency.

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