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Core Value

Core value

Integrity, responsibility, transcendence, value-added, win-win

The core values of "integrity, responsibility, transcendence, value-added, and win-win"


The summary of the successful experience of enterprise entrepreneurship over the years is also the quality requirement designed by the founder of the enterprise for the pursuit of enterprise morality. It is a system that has constraints, requirements and incentives for the enterprise and its members.

Go beyond yourself and achieve a hundred years of flying


Transcendence means daring to break through, which means that the requirements for things reach the extreme. As long as we work harder and more conscientiously than others, and do things with higher standards than others, we will surely go farther than others, and we will surely have a long-lasting foundation.

Be honest, be a noble person


Integrity is the cornerstone of Feishang's rapid development in the past years, and the foundation of long-term trust by the government, employees and business partners. Feishang adheres to the integrity of life and pursues to be a noble person.

Value-added and win-win, sharing development results.


In the past, Feishang made money by relying on its own ability and business intelligence, and obtained due returns after adding value and contributing. In the future, we will still pursue the pursuit of wealth and righteousness, value-added and win-win results.

Responsibility to do things and achieve company goals


Responsibility to do things is to do things solidly, and if you don't do it properly, you don't do it. The company advocates a down-to-earth and responsible job in every job, and strives to achieve the company's goals.

"Win-win" is the result of "value-added", and "win-win" is a sharing concept


It is the cooperation between Feishang and all parties that presents the same goal and abandons the possibility of zero-sum game.