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Landscape culture

Landscape culture


   “Mountain”, “Water” are the cultural symbols of Feishang, it symbolizes Feishang’s corporate spirit and cultural personality

  Mountain—— solemn and solemn: It symbolizes that Feishang Group pays attention to responsibility and pays attention to credibility.

  Mountain——Hard and forever: It symbolizes that Feishang Group abides by its philosophy and adheres to its goals

  Mountain——Extending 逶迤: It symbolizes Feishang Group's lofty ambition and broad mind.

  Mountain——Lush and lush: symbolizing the eclectic and colorful of Feishang Group.

  Water—— moisturizing things silently: it symbolizes the low-key and introverted Feishang Group, which benefits all parties.

  Water—— bit by bit through the stone: a symbol of Feishang Group's perseverance and respect for business.

  Water——Massive and magnificent: It symbolizes that Feishang Group gathers resources and takes advantage of the trend.

  Water——Clear and clean: It symbolizes the openness and transparency of Feishang Group, and the standard is simple.

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