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Core Value

Core Value


  “Integrity, Responsibility, Transcendence, Value-added, and Win-win” The core values ​​are the summary of the successful experience of enterprise entrepreneurship over the years, and are also the quality requirements designed by the founders of the enterprise’s ethical pursuit. Each member has a system of constraints, requirements and incentives.

  In Feishang’s cultural philosophy, “integrity” has the dual meaning of “treat each other sincerely” and “keeping promises”, the former expresses our recognition and appreciation of our partners, and the latter shows We respect and cherish ourselves and each other.

  “responsibility” has the meaning of “mission” and “feelings”, the former expresses our emphasis on our own obligations, and the latter includes the dedication that we have as a corporate citizen.

  “Transcendence” is a kind of passion, which is accumulated on the basis of “responsibility”. Only those who respect and love their own work can inspire the will and determination of self-transcendence; “transcendence” ; It is also a burst of imagination, which contains our beautiful expectations for the future.

  “Value-added” means value creation. It clarifies the goal and premise of our cooperation with all parties; it also deepens our mutual recognition.

  “win-win“ is the result of “value-added”, “win-win” is a sharing concept, it is the cooperation between Feishang and all parties to present the same goal, abandoning the zero-sum game may.

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